FMG Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival a.k.a. WIND FEST 2012

News Posted on September 12th, 2012

Best Decorated tent was not one of the many awards that were bestowed upon Chemo Savvy at the 2012 FMG Manitoba Dragon Boat Festival. What we might have won was "one of few tents left standing through gale force winds". That was indeed the theme of Chemo Savvy's 15th anniversary FMG races. But like any other adversity we've met along our journeys, a little bit of wind was no match for us.

The Friday night awakening of the dragon dinner featured the many talents of our team. From a beautifully decorated room and delicious menu to a star studded line-up of great entertainment, the evening got the weekend off to great start. It was fantastic to have many of the members of our sister teams in Brandon and Kenora to celebrate along with us.

Saturday was like no race day we have ever faced. The wind and waves on Lake Shirley were unmatched by any we've ever paddled in. Thankfully the little contained lake is such that the event did not have to be cancelled outright. It did however result in a cancellation of one of our afternoon races, since the conditions did finally become too unsafe to continue. Chemo Savvy and all of the other teams at the event took the news with a grain of disappointment but all were great sports, knowing that the organizers only had all of our safety as their first priority. The races that we did manage to complete were not only super fun because of the adverse conditions, but our times placed us into favourable positioning for Sunday's finals.

So, after a good nights sleep we awoke on Sunday morning with a song in our heart ready to face the day which forecast for much more race friendly weather. No really…..we had a song in our heart. Our few short minutes of practice would later score us the trophy for best Team Song for our version of "Windy"!

Sunday was complete with fantastic racing and the beautiful rose ceremony that never ceases to captivate and unify the dragon boat community at this event. It was very special to know that our new buddy Ryan was also out on the water for the ceremony and got special recognition as he walked through the paddle arch with us. And as a very special 15th anniversary gift, we were once again honoured and proud to be able to hoist the All Female Division Champions Trophy.

So just like the U.S. postal service ... neither WIND nor rain nor gloom of night can keep us from our appointed races ... or something like that!!

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